Gut Supporting Meal Blueprint

Your  microbiome is the regulator of your metabolism and you have more control over it than you may think! A strong, healthy microbiome is one that has the most variety of microbes and to get that variety we need to incorporate a wide variety of foods. Eat food makes its own footprint on our gut. Most people eat the same 5 foods over and over again and this is just doing your body a disservice.

Eat all of the colors, all of the textures and all of the macros.

Creating your balanced plate is easier than most people make it out to be. There is a place for macro counting for some but starting with a basic blueprint may be enough for many people. Here are the basics:

50 to 60 percent of your plate should be non-starchy vegetables. Think variety here. We want all of the colors!

If eating veggies gives you digestive issues you may have an imbalance in your gut that needs to be addressed. Reach out and I can offer suggestions.

Keep sweet fruit servings as 0-2 per day.

Berries, especially blueberries. are antioxidant powerhouses so eating 1-3 servings per day is extremely beneficial.

Starchy veggies have a lot of energy and nutrients and most people do great with 1-3 servings a day depending on blood sugar and activity levels.

Grains and beans offer a lot of food for healthy gut bacteria and provide some protein, so enjoy a serving or two, properly prepared, if your body tolerates them. Vegetarian and vegan eaters need to bump that up a bit.

Mix up your animal proteins (life is more than just chicken breast) and aim for about 30% of your calories a day or .5-.8 of your body weight in grams depending on activity levels and goals.

Healthy fats (no canola oil here!) will keep those hormones, cell membranes, brain and heart happy, so include a serving or 2 with every meal.

And don’t forget the fermented foods. This deliver instant healthy bacteria right into your gut. They taste amazing too! Try raw sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir and an occasional low sugar kombucha.

There’s no one perfect way to eat, and each person has their own unique needs, so start adding in more variety, experiment with macros and see what your perfect plate looks like!

Download your Meal Blueprint here.




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