Break Out Of Your Food Bubble

Would you eat bugs? If you had asked me a few years ago I would’ve replied with a strong HELL NO. Yet a couple of weeks ago I found myself nibbling on ant larvae and meal worms in Mexico City.

I used to be stuck in a food bubble, never venturing out, feeling bored and trapped and deprived, which always led to binging or choosing foods that I knew were not serving me.

As my relationship with food has healed, I’ve become open to all the foods…or at least trying them once. And yes, a few things definitely fall into the “once was more than enough” category, including the meal worms!

Imagine how having so many options of foods to eat would make you feel. Abundant. Nourished. Free.

The feeling of abundance has allowed me to put my binging behind me, connect with different cultures and heal physically as well as mentally.


Food variety has so many health benefits:

-It supports a healthy gut microbiome. The health of your body, as well as your  mind, depends on the health of your gut.

-Eating the rainbow really does matter. Each of those colored foods provides different  key nutrients necessary to keep your body running optimally and to fight disease.

-It connects you with community. Of course, nutrition is a key factor for health but happiness, connection and purpose play a huge role as well.

-It connects you to your body. How will you know how a food makes you feel, or if you like it, if you’ve never eaten it? I always say “Don’t knock it ‘til you try it”- mostly in reference to sardines since pretty much every client will cringe when I suggest eating them. Heart-breaking.


Here are some ways you can break out of your food bubble:

  • Try eating “dinner” food for breakfast.
  • Pick one thing in the produce section that you’ve never tried before.
  • If you travel, try the signature dish that the place is known for. You may have to be brave with this one!
  • Check out one of the popular ethnic restaurants in your city.
  • Use a new blend of herbs. Herbs have amazing medicinal powers and make food taste good!
  • Experiment with new sauces. Try my chimichurri sauce. It’s great on everything!
  • Take a cooking class.

Food is fun, it’s nourishing and also a source of pleasure, so get out there, try new things and remember that variety is the spice of life!

Do you struggle with trying new foods? Or have you found some amazing ways to break free of your food bubble? I’d love to hear about them!



Escamoles- Ant Larvae in Scrambled Eggs




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