My Personal Health Journey…It’s Been a Wild Ride!

This is the time of year for reflection. To see how far we’ve come, and what we want to accomplish moving forward. As I reflected on my life I was reminded that I’ve been through one hell of a health journey of my own.

Me on the right: Then. Sick. Bloated. SO tired. Life stolen by health issues.

Me on the left: Now! Thriving. Kicking ass in life. Healthier than I’ve ever been!

When I look at that picture on the right, I am reminded of how miserable I was, physically and emotionally. Chronic illness and eating disorders will drain your spirit more than anything else.

I always enjoyed my veggies and exercise, but years of eating disorders, chronic stress, substance abuse, working in a career I just wasn’t meant to be in and living without a true purpose broke me down and in my 20s I found myself a hot mess.

Years of not listening to my body left me with anxiety, depression, burn-out, insomnia, adrenal fatigue (or HPA axis dysregulation as we nutritionists like to call it now), hypothyroidism, a goiter on my thyroid, extreme digestive issues, crazy food sensitivities… all the things!

By using food as medicine and eating the way my body needed me to along with adopting numerous wellness practices and shifting priorities I was able to turn all of these issues around and find myself happy, healthy and thriving.

It wasn’t easy! There were many ups and downs but the end result was better than I could have imagined.

I repaired my body, my mind, my relationship with food, and I found my true purpose in helping others heal as well.

So many people tell me that they feel overwhelmed with all of the information out there and are not sure how to decipher what would work for them and then implement it into their busy schedules. Fatigue, stubborn fat that won’t budge, constant cravings and chronic digestive issues have taken over their lives.

They’ve lost the ability to enjoy the experience of eating and feel empowered by the choices they make.

If you are struggling with your own health issues, please know that you can heal!

I know what it’s like to have health issues steal your life. I’ve been there, I get it and I’d love to help you on that journey.

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Much love,



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