Hi! I’m Shayna, a Nutrition Therapist Master (NTM), and a former Coloradan now living in the low country in Charleston.

My passion for nutrition began when I started experiencing digestive issues and autoimmunity at age 25. Frustrated with the solutions from conventional medicine, I decided to dive deep into the world of holistic nutrition so that I could better nourish my body and help others do the same! That led me on the path to study at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver.

Because of my own personal health challenges, I know what it’s like to feel like your body is failing you, but I also know how amazing it can be to regain your health. I enjoy helping people along that journey every step of the way!

In my free time you can find me walking the beach with my two dogs Forrest and Olive, trying new restaurants, at the farmers market, seeing live music or traveling to new places!

Shayna Taplin

Client Coordinator

I’m a Functional Nutritionist who specializes in hormones and digestive health . I love all things health and wellness, I am constantly researching ways to improve my health and the health of my clients.

I love doing this work because I have been there. My journey to health has not been easy, but it has inspired me to become a functional nutritionist. My goal is to identify the root cause of your symptoms. With my training, I have the ability to use functional testing to help you balance your hormones, repair digestive health, gain energy, and heal from the inside out. I’ll help you implement a customized nutrient dense diet, a targeted supplement protocol, and supportive lifestyle changes.

With every client the first thing we focus on is repairing the gut and making sure digestion is optimal. Digestion and gut health are the gateway to all aspects of our health and affect the entire body. From energy, brain fog, and weight to hormones, acne and indigestion. It all begins in the gut. I want to help you achieve regular menstrual cycles, increased energy, pain- free periods, better sleep, better digestion, clear skin, improved fertility and more.

When I am not with clients or whipping up some amazing food, you can find me reading a good book, hitting a workout class, playing tennis or out on the water. I grew up on a lake in Michigan so I love to go home on the weekends in the summer and soak up some sunshine at the lake.

Jade Birchmeier

Functional Nutritionist