Conquer Sugar Cravings

7 Ways in 7 Days 

There are a few reasons we find ourselves struggling with cravings and it’s not as simple as having no willpower.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people who say their biggest struggle is resisting their daily cravings for sweets, carbs and salty snacks.

I’ve put together 7-reasons WHY, so you can understand what is happening in your body and mind when these cravings occur, and 7-simple tips HOW that you can implement NOW to get those cravings in check. Think about how much time you’ll have to do other things when you aren’t focused on resisting cravings…or, even worse, giving into them.

These are not just quick fixes. Once these 7 things are in check, you will be able to control your cravings forever.

This 7-day course helps you to understand why you are experiencing cravings and how to free yourself from them with simple steps you can implement NOW.

A 7-day email series Designed to free you from cravings – by teaching you WHY they are happening and HOW to conquer them long-term. 

“I’m weak.” 

We can plan ahead, have the best intentions and still find ourselves in a food rampage. 

why you are experiencing cravings 

Each day, for 7-days you will receive an email with: 





you can implement immediately to start
getting your cravings under control 

“I have no willpower.”

“I’ll start over on Monday.”

How many times have you said these things to yourself? 

Like you, I used to struggle with intense cravings, especially for sugar. I felt like food had this power over me and when those cravings hit, they were all I could think about. I didn't really know how to quit it because I didn’t understand what was causing the cravings or what I needed to change in my life to get them to go away. 

It wasn’t until I started implemented some daily routines that a miracle happened... those insane cravings disappeared. It’s amazing how much your cravings and your portions will decrease when you eat and live in a way that completely nourishes YOU. I want to teach you what I’ve learned, and used on hundreds of my clients, so that you can conquer your cravings too. 

Colleen Flynn

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